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For Earth (book) worms
Walk into this shop for more than just enviromental literature. GO!

RE:Energise the World!
Seva Kendra's first major eco-seminar concentrated on renewables, especially solar GO!

Green shopping spree
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Got books?
Points for Schools:
1. To be a part of this donation campaign, send us a formal letter of participation. Email
green@earthsmiles.net for more information.

2. When sending books, please also send a list of books. So that we can credit it to you.

3. Since it is an ongoing project, schools can send us books anytime of the year.

Points for Individuals:
1. If you wish to donate your old books, you can mail us at:
green@earthsmiles.net and then you may come and drop them off at our centre.
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Divya Dhamija, Staff Writer
I do write for the planet!
Pass a book on, watch it return2life
Even before a formal announcement of the r2l book project, enthusiastic individuals carried bags of books to the EarthSmiles.net office. Not all were in usable condition, and there were few textbooks. The success of this potentially sustainable and valuable project will depend on our schools. We hope they respond generously.

“When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life” – Christopher Morley.

EarthSmiles.net’s new 3-R project is one where individuals and educational institutions are invited to donate their old books for a “novel” cause. Every year when we pass on to a new academic session, we clear our shelves/cupboards to make space for the new books. But what do we do with the old forgotten books? While selling it to the raddi walla does endure that some sort of recycling will take place, what if we could do more, environmentally and socially?

Enter return2life. Started in 2011 for unwanted electronics such as computers, this EarthSmiles.net programme has now extended to books.

Donate a book to the programme and it goes on an online Booklist, where anyone can browse and request it. Even more than this, schools are being encouraged to donate textbooks (either samples lying with the school or students donations) which will be given to deserving students of schools in the programme, for free.

The project leaders hope entire syllabuses of at least some students can be fulfilled through donated books – a boon to many who struggle to afford the high prices of textbooks.

Non textbooks will be donated to NGOs, or available to the general public online. Kisalaya, the government home for boys at Barasat, has been identified as a recipient for childrens books, to help the institutions literacy campaign.

Not only do you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, your donation has social value.

Earthsmiles.net is in a phase of collecting books, so if you really love your books - be it comics, fiction, texts books, etc; and don’t want them to just become clutter, then pass them on to a place where they will be loved and be useful once again!

When donating books please make sure they are in a readable condition. The pages are not missing or torn. Soon a web-section available on www.Earthsmiles.net will contain details of all books donated and available. One can browse through the list of books available and place their requests. Schools not in the programme may also place request for bulk books, subject to availability.

The social implications are plain to see, but what is the “more” for the environment we were talking about? While simply Recycling the books to your scrap dealer is good, (saves trees, power and water, etc;) Reduce and Reuse are the two extra benefits of r2l – so it covers the whole environmental triangle. Reusing (re-circulating) can also lower demand and since production of books involve many environmentally harmful processes in printing inks, binding chemicals, marketing and distribution, these are eliminated when a book is re-circulated. Besides the benefit of keeping the book out of the landfill longer (it is still recyclable when it cannot be re- circulated any more.)

So step up and donate your books – put a smile on the face of our planet, and like the Earthsmiler’s motto - when the earth smiles, so do we!

For further details or to donate your old books, please mail us at green@earthsmiles.net

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