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“Banega Swachh India” .... but when? Cleanup drives do spread awareness, but are attitudes changing? GO!

Transforming kids into ‘change agents’
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Why recycle paper?
What difference does saving a few pieces of paper make? Read on, you may be surprised...

* A single tree accounts for 7,560 pieces of A4 paper, but there are many more costs than the tree alone.

* Did you know that it takes 24,400 litres of water to produce 1 tonne of paper? With around 200,000 sheets of A4 paper per tonne, that equates to about 122ml of water for a single sheet of A4 paper.

* For each tonne of paper produced, around 1.36 tonnes of CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere. In context, a single six-cylinder car would have to drive 3,800 kilometres to equal the same CO2 emissions as 1 tonne of paper!

* Waste Paper production also creates waste that ends up going into landfills. For every tonne of paper 96 kilograms of land waste is created, resulting in around 133 million kilograms of waste per year.

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Rupa Pandit, Greenager mentor
I Green the next generation!
SAFE paper!
Paper takes twice the energy to produce than a similarly sized plastic bag. From our newspapers to our paper wrappings, paper is ubiquitious - creating a staggering amount of paper waste. There was a time when paper was a rare and precious commodity - no more. Originally invented as a tool for communication, today, paper is more a packaging material. So think, before you ink... paper can be dangerous!

Kolkata – During the winter vacation last year (December 2015,) a team of four Greenagers from the Assembly of God Church, visited a paper recycle unit under South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE), a leading environmental protection organisation of Eastern India.

The unit is near Chingrighata, E M Bypass, Kolkata, close to the Kolkata Wetlands, a focus area for SAFE. It was a pleasure to see a team of workers (mostly ladies of various age groups) working together and making various useful items using paper that is generally thrown away. Not only is the Unit environmentally benificial, it is also socially benificial, ensuring livlihood in a sustainable occupation by the workers.

The AGCSers were proud to recall that they contribute to this paper recycling of SAFE through campaigns like EarthSmiles.net PAPER:Back held at their school during the Greenathon eco-festival every year, as well as year-round habit of saving paper through the BIG BLUE BINs at school.

The young visitors from AGCS!

Some of the paper products created by the women of SAFE

Paper comes from trees as we know. Paper can also be recycled. So we can say that fresh paper comes from trees but recycled paper comes from used papers. So a very simple appeal - do not throw paper but send it for recycling. Use paper that comes from paper - not trees = SAVE TREES!

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