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A clean story!
Citizens clean up a Kolkata locality - permanently. GO!

Now, Cleanathon!
“Banega Swachh India” .... but when? Cleanup drives do spread awareness, but are attitudes changing? GO!

SAFE paper!
A team of four Greenagers from the Assembly of God Church, visited a paper recycle unit under SAFE. GO!

Why recycle paper?
What difference does saving a few pieces of paper make? Read on, you may be surprised...

* A single tree accounts for 7,560 pieces of A4 paper, but there are many more costs than the tree alone.

* Did you know that it takes 24,400 litres of water to produce 1 tonne of paper? With around 200,000 sheets of A4 paper per tonne, that equates to about 122ml of water for a single sheet of A4 paper.

* For each tonne of paper produced, around 1.36 tonnes of CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere. In context, a single six-cylinder car would have to drive 3,800 kilometres to equal the same CO2 emissions as 1 tonne of paper!

* Waste Paper production also creates waste that ends up going into landfills. For every tonne of paper 96 kilograms of land waste is created, resulting in around 133 million kilograms of waste per year.

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Alisha Seddon, EarthSmiler
I have a dream, and it's green.
Revive, again!
This time round Revive, an exhibition cum sale of recycles/upcycled stuff, has concentrated on the NGOs and commercial recycling. This is a good move since their more polished products mean more acceptability and therefore sales... thing which make recycling sustainable - not just fill the recycle bin.

Kolkata – On 29 January 2016, it was Revive time once again for EarthSmiles.net, and this time the venue was Shri Shikshaitan school, Kolkata."If you're not buying recycled products, you're not really recycling." said Ed Begley, Jr. And Revive aims to close the loop - really recycle - by completing the Recycle bin - artisan - Buyer circle. More than just creating awareness about recycled products, Revive has been conceived to put those products in consumers hands, develop an appreciation of them, and a habit of buying them!

The sustainable exhibition cum sale this time round featured SAFE (South Asian Forum for Environment) Green for Life Foundation and Ankur Kala Kolkata. The event started at 11 a.m, coinciding with the school's lunch recess and the NGO's were busy showing off their creations to the eager students who were amazed by what simple newspaper and polybags had become! As one of the Revive posters said - Recycling is a bit like magic... you take something and turn it into quite another thing!

The paper pencils at the Green for Life Foundation counter were a hit!

Teachers Go Green, too!

Many of the students also purchased items of their liking - one hit item was the recycled paper pencil from Green for Life Foundation, which sold out in a short while. SAFE's paper items were also sought after, as well as some Ankur Kala products, which even the teachers fancied.

At the EarthSmiles.net information desk, students wrote green comments and posed with posters of promoting recycling. The first 50 students to put down their comments also earned either a Seed Card or a Bottle Cap Key Chain as a gift. There was a huge line to claim these gifts before they ran out! Altogether this edition of Revive was a lot of fun, in between the awarness of recycling, which the students though was a great idea. If even some start recycling on their own, or henceforth buy recycled and influence others too - then the event was very sucessful, too!

One student Mahuisa writes, "I want my earth to be green and clean - so I want all of us to recycle and make the Earth clean... Go green!" Others like Sakshi said, "Not just recycle - don't waste paper! But recycling used paper and other things are good!"

Principal Ms. Sangeeta Tandon who also dropped in to see the display, hoped it could be done again, with more publicity. And the EarthSmilers present assured her they would do Revive at Shri Shikshayatan again, while bringing more schools into the habit of Revive. Teacher Soma Bannerjee who was instrumental in facilitating the event with EarthSmiles.net also agreed that another edition would be fruitful. The event ended about 2 p.m.full of smiling faces... because when the Earth Smiles, so do we!

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