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Green affair
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The 3Rs

The 3R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have been considered to be a base of environmental awareness and a way of promoting ecological balance through conscious behaviour and choices. It is generally accepted that these patterns of behaviour and consumer choices will lead to savings in materials and energy which will benefit the environment.

Reduce - to buy less and use less. The lower the consumption, lesser the resources required. • Avoid disposable products • Copy on both sides of a page. • Use a dish cloth instead of paper towels.
Reuse - Part or all of the waste is used again. • Carry a to-go mug instead of taking the disposable ones at coffee shops. • Bring your own cloth bags to the store.
Recycle - discards are segregated into materials that may be incorporated into new products. • Compost • Buy recycled products. • Use recycled paper for letterhead, copier paper and newsletters.

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Raul Aaron David, Writer
Being the change the world needs.
Green Warriors!
A group of women based in Kolkata have taken it upon themselves to be the change the city needs to make it the cleaner and greener vision that we all have for it. With some dedicated work, they have come a long way already.

Kolkata – If you've been noticing the calls to join “3R’s Fun Walk” in our social pages, you must be wondering who the Green Legion are. Well, this article solves that for you! The Green Legion was founded on Mother’s Day last year and their initial aim was to bring about awareness in society about waste segregation and composting. They are doing this by giving presentations to apartments, Rotary Club units and any other group or organisation willing to host a 3R session. Their next project phase will be the promotion of organic gardening in houses. These two projects are connected as the waste that is obtained from the segregation and composting is used as fertiliser. With the motto “a cleaner and greener Kolkata”, the Legion marches on, so EarthSmiles.net wants you to know these new green movers and shakers!

The organisation, being a relatively young one as city environmental NGOs go, was founded when a group of women with a similar mindset had come together and decided to do something good for their home town. These women were all part of the Leadership Training Service (LTS) in school and had met at an alumni meet where they reconnected and came to the conclusion that they needed to do something for this city. This gave birth to Green Legion.

They have now taken it one step up by organising the 3R’s Fun Walk. This walk is meant to serve as the catalyst to spread awareness of not littering, segregation of waste and basic good environment friendly habits. The walk on 22 January 2017, will start at Rabindra Sarobar and will end at New Alipore Triangular Park, covering a distance of 3.5 km. The event will be preceded by an assembly where the chief guest will share a few words. The Walk will be attended by schools like Loreto House and Frank Anthony Public School, the West Bengal Taekwondo Association, Moulali Rongoshilpi, Rotary Club, Stopwatch, Green4Life Foundation and others.

Collaboration: Green4Life Trustee
C. Arathoon at a Green Legion meeting!

When speaking to one of the founders, Ms Lata Bhatia, she told us that other than the LTS, Bangalore based group The Wow Kitty - and also the AirTel marathon - provided inspiration for the Walk and the organisation as a whole. Another initiative of the Green Legion is an ongoing signature campaign in schools, colleges, corporate associations and other organisations for a charter of demands that will be submitted to our Honourable Chief Minister and the State Government.

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