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Composting of waste is an aerobic (in the presence of air) method of decomposing solid wastes. The process involves decomposition of organic waste into humus known as compost which is a good fertilizer for plants. However, the term "composting" is used worldwide with differing meanings. Some composting textbooks narrowly define composting as being an aerobic form of decomposition, primarily by microbes. An alternative term to composting is "aerobic digestion", which in turn is also referred to as "wet composting".

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Raul Aaron David, Writer
Being the change the world needs.
Walking the talk!
Fledgling green organisation, Green Legion, founded by a group of Kolkata based women had organised a march with a cause to raise awareness amongst the people of Kolkata and educate them on the right ways to deal with their waste.

Kolkata – On Sunday, 22 January, Green Legionorganised the first-ever 3Rs Fun Walk in order to raise awareness in society about environmentally friendly habits. The walk was meant to educate people on following the most basic of environmental lessons, namely the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The event started at 8 a.m. at Rabindra Sarobar on the Menoka Cinema side. There was first an assembly for an hour. This time was also used for registration of all the walkers. The walk was attended by schools like Loreto House, the Frank Anthony Public School and Akshar, members of the West Bengal Taekwondo Association, Vijaya Bank employees and Rotary Victoria.

The event began with a skit by acting troupe Moulali Rongoshilpi, who had enacted a play depicting how we are harming the environment around us and that we must act now in order to save it. The members of Green Legion then felicitated all the guests who included the Vijaya Bank General Manager, a Father John of the Leadership Training Service, the Officer in Charge of Rabindra Sarobar Police Station, the Branch manager of Zoom car who were sponsoring the event and AMRI Hospitals who had offered medical support and an ambulance to accompany the walk.

Other collaborators that EarthSmiles.net noticed at the venue were the co-Founder of Vital Waste, a commercial recycling business based in Kolkata, the founder of NGO Stopwatch and a trustee of Green4Life Foundation were also present. Rotary Victoria and Bengal Taekwondo Association who have been great patrons of the walk.

Performance by Moulali Rangoshilpi!

The finish line for the march was at Birsa Munda Park in New Alipore. Here everyone took a few minutes to socialise, as was the goal of Ms Lata Bhatia of Green Legion whose wish is to bring all NGOs together to work as a collective and fight the good fight together - sounds like wahe EarthSmiles.net wants to achieve, too!

Just at the finish, the police band performed two songs while the crowd watched on in awe. The event was then brought to a close at 11:30 a.m. The walk was deemed a success by all. There was also a demonstration on composting to teach the people the process. Another aim of the walk was to submit a charter of demands, signed by all the walkers, to the state government. This charter aims at bringing about amendments to the waste handling system, such as making segregation of waste compulsory, banning polythene bags, community composting and rewarding recycling as is done in European countries.

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