What you need to create your Solar Cooker!

• 15x12x5” wooden box
• 12x9x3"galvanized aluminium box/tray
• 17x14" clear glass (5mm thick aprox)
• aluminium foil • Black enamel paint • Insulating tape
• Double-sided foam tape • Masking tape
• Lagging (insulation) material
• 4 heat-resistant nylon legs 1.5/2” tall, for resting tray
• 4 nylon or rubber legs 0.5” tall, for the box
• Screws for legs
• 2.5” deep pan with cover for cooking - Must be Black!

Solar Cooker
Cook and eat sun-healthy... with no pollution!

• Paint the bottom of the galvanised box/tray with black paint.

• Cover the inner side walls of the wooden box with aluminium foil.

• Attach heat-resistant legsof 1.5/2” to the wooden box, making sure that it forms a rest to place the tray on..

• Paste or attach, with masking tape, strips of lagging on to the edges of the wooden box (this will form a partial air-seal, when the glass sheet is placed on it.

• Place your cooking vessel (the Black coloured pan) on the tray.

• Place the sheet of glass on top of the opening of the box, covering the contents (tray, pan). Now put in the Sun.... and wait for your meal to be ready!

Instructor: Diana Boidyo
Difficulty level : Medium
Ages : 13+
Wooden box
Glass sheet
Black cooking pan
Galvanised metal tray (on legs)
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