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Day for positive action
Earth Day encourages us to love the world we're on! GO!

Earth Day
In the celebration of Mother Earth do we have Earth Day, or Earth Days? GO!

Earth Day birthday
The British Council International Climate Champions, organised an Earth Day event in the city. GO!

Day for the Planet
Earth Day is a day celebrated each year worldwide in order to spread awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s Natural Environment.

The concept of Earth Day originated at the UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969. The pioneer of the concept is said to be Mr. John McConnell, a peace activist, among other things.

However, some others, including a US senator, Gaylord Nelson, and a convicted murderer, Ira Einhorn, are also sometimes credited with founding the celebration.

Earth Day was first observed in San Francisco and other cities on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere.

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Divya Dhamija, Staff Writer
I do write for the planet!
Loreto school celebrates Earth Day
Earth Day can sometimes feel like it belongs to the fiefdom of the Earth Day Network (EDN), but Loreto Day School (Dharamtala) with Green for Life Foundation (G4L) celebrate the Earth's day with practical and positive action for our home planet, outside the 'official' events of ED 2015.

Kolkata – To celebrate Earth Day 2015, Loreto Day School (Dharamtala) with the help of Green for Life Foundation (G4L) took an initiative to organise a small environmental awareness program for the students April 22, 2015 at the school premises.

The program began with Mrs. Salma Imam, Loreto teacher and organiser of the programme, talking about the purpose of their meet and introducing the guests the G4L team. This was followed by an introductory talk delivered by Mr. Xavier, one of the trustees of G4L. He interacted with the students, shared the Earth Anthem (written by Abhay Kumar) and sang a song (Please Don’t Pass Me By) which gave out a message from the voiceless creatures of sky, sea and forests that are suffering because of us.

The program proceeded with a presentation prepared by G4L about plastics, its growing menace and how G4L is trying to reduce its negative impact on us and our environment.

The students also got a firsthand experience of the recycled plastic products that the organisation produces, such as leak proof paper garbage bags, recycled plastic folders, CD covers, pencil bags, etc.

“The products were very impressive. It feels good to see that plastics are being put to good use”, said Shrinati Ghosh, of Class IX.

Students interact with the G4L
members at the event.

As part of the program, G4L gave few informative posters and will soon place two bins in the school where students can drop in the plastics that will make their school plastic free and will also help G4L in continuing their good work, by providing waste plastic to them.

Ishita Dutta, student of Class X says, “I am enlightened about the problems that a simple plastic bag can cause. Now, I know how I can reduce my usage of plastics and help others, too.”

The program ended with a student thanking the organisers for conducting such an informative session with them, followed by a prayer.

The school also had a special assembly for Earth Day where they pledged to save electricity whenever they can.

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