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Organic Terrace
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M A K E T H I S ! !
By Nikita Grosser
Step 1- Decide on the kind of garden you would like. And what you would like to grow.

Step 2 - Decide on the area where you would like to start your plantation, while doing this you must keep in mind the fertility of the soil, amount of sunshine and water that is accessible to the area.

Step 3 - After deciding on the area you like, the next step is to start digging up the soil and removing all forms of grass, wild plants or stones and gravel from this area.

Step 4 - Next its time fertilise the soil, the best way to do that is to use compost (decomposed organic material). If you don’t already have a compost pile, you can purchase or start to make it at home from kitchen waste like peels from vegetables and fruits etc.

Step 5 -
Now that your garden bed is ready for plantation, you can start shopping for new saplings and/or seeds. While selecting plants do keep in mind the climatic conditions, also check that the roots of the plants look healthy.

Step 6 - Once you have your plants its time to plant them. Make sure it is being planted in the right spot that was decided on. Dig a hole double the size of the root ball then place the plant carefully into the hole and refill it with soil, tap on the mud to make sure the plant has been firmly placed. Now water you plants and watch them grow!!
What you need to create your garden!

• A space on your terrace, balcony, etc. • Soil - good rich earth • Compost • Seeds or Saplings
• Love and care!!!