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American Center

‘American Center,
38-A, J. L. Nehru Road,
Kolkata 700 071.
Tel: 91-33-3984-6300
Fax: 91-33-3984-6350
E-mail: kolkataamlibrary@state.gov
Library Hours: 10.00 a.m.-
5:30 p.m.(Mon-Sat)

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Krisha Parmar, Environment enthusiast.
Always looking for ways to be greener!
Big Miracle, indeed!
The American Centers film shows are eargly looked forward to as an opportunity to network - and also soak up a good movie. This time the movie was environmental - as the occasion was WED 2016!

Kolkata – On the 3 June 2016, the American Centre, Kolkata celebrated World Environment Day by putting up a special screening of an adventure movie “The Big Miracle” The movie was scheduled to start from 3 p.m. which was preceded by a short welcoming and introductory speech by Mr. Andrew, public affair officer, American Centre.

He spoke about his former relation with the American film industry, followed by the relationship between India and American. A little information about the American Centre was introduced to the public who had come up for the special screening .

The crowd of approximately fifty people included people of all ages from children to students, office employees to retired men and women. It was a comfortable setup with a well settled projector screen hung at an appropriate height and every member of the audience was welcomed with a cone of popcorn!

“The Big Miracle” is a tale of trapped whales in the arctic cold generally keeps its snout above stormy waters. Drawn into the collaborative rescue work are several normally hostile factions: Inupiat whale hunters, a Greenpeace environmental activist, an oil executive, ambitious news reporters, the National Guard, the American president and politicians on the state, national and international levels. Also joining in the effort are two entrepreneurs from Minnesota, who provide de-icing machines to help keep the hole open.

It was a good show for the occasion of World Environment Day, with a beautiful message. The movie brought out selfish nature of humans, and their lack of concern for the wildlife; unless it was of any benefit to them. This was summed up in a character saying, “When a whale dies, you do not have to inform his wife and child, but if any of our soldiers die it is a very grieving and difficult thing to do - so it is not a risk worth taking, to risk our own life only to free three whales stuck in the faraway waters of Alaska.”

With this type of thinking (spoiler alert!) it's no wonder the whales getting saved was a big miracle!

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