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Consumer obsession with colour and "shine" of veggies, has worked dangerously against them.. GO!

Things you thought you could recycle - but can't! GO!

Transforming kids into ‘change agents’
HSBC Train Green Programme is an eco-awareness programme for school children with an aim to create environmental catalysts. GO!

Clothes from plastic trash!

Outerknown's new board shorts ever tear after riding too many waves, you could theoretically recycle them into a new pair. They're from a new line of men's clothing that is made entirely from plastic trash.

When the clothes wear out, they can be fully upcycled into a brand-new shirt or jacket. The clothes, known as the "Evolution Series", were the brainchild of 11-time world surf champion Kelly Slater.

After spending thousands of hours in the ocean, Slater liked the idea of recycling plastic fishing nets—a common source of ocean waste—into clothing. He partnered with Aquafil, an Italian manufacturer that spins old nets, along with carpet and other nylon waste, into a new yarn called Econyl.

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Krisha Parmar, Environment enthusiast.
Always looking for ways to be greener!
Juniors for Mother Earth
Assembly of God Junior Section held a function to belatedly celebrate WED 2016! This was the kids first brush with understanding their responsibilites towards planet earth., and both audience and participants had a fun time.

Kolkata – June 24 2016, The Assembly of God Church School, Kolkata (Junior Section), hosted a programme by and for the students to celebrate World Environment Day, at their school hall. After a warm welcome by Mrs. David, School Coordinator and the Emcee, Mrs. Biswas, the program commenced with a short introduction to EarthSmiles.net's environmental activities and the team.

The children of various classes had done something or the other to put their step forward to contribute in their very own way, ranging from artistic placards and banners to beautifully designed costumes made from wasted plastic/newspapers/bottles/cups/wrappers etc. The poems and action songs performed by the children were very appropriate for the theme as well the occasion, followed by a dance performances and a skit based of the beauty and utility of the environment.

Earthsmiles.net presented a short animated video, showing how children along with their families can do little things towards the welfare of the environment, and how these small efforts could make a big difference. Earthsmiles.net’s Mr. F. Shah who had been invited as Chief Guest, took the stage to speak about the various projects the oganisation had taken up. He also announced that, in collaboration with Green For Life Foundation, a plastic recycle bin would be installed at the school. Green for Life recycles these plastics to produce folders, bags, and other items of daily use with minimum waste of resources.

Lastly, Headmistress Mrs. Anthony gave a little speech to the gathering, appreciating the efforts of the participants, and teachers. She spoke about how she was planning to initiate a program of planting saplings in the premises of the school and also in the periphery of the school locality. While she was interacting with the children in the audience with small questions about the programme, our team gave away recycled bottlecap-keychains to those children who answered the questions correctly.

The trashionistas!!
Kids were excited to be wearing such lovely , creative costumes!

The programme ended with a word of thanks by teacher Mrs. Thanikal and the entire audience including the students, teachers, staff, and our team stood up together for a prayer and the school song, followed by the National Anthem.

A sapling was also symbolically potted by the Headmistress and Chief Guest.

The children had also put up charts and posters in and around their classrooms which the Earthsmiles.net team went around to judge. Later, the students gathered outside with placards and banners on environment, as awareness to the locality.

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