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Carpooling for school children goes digital
New app aggregates private vehicles to get schoolchildren safely home, cutting traffic congestion and pollution in Kolkata GO!

Green Patrol!
With the Kolkata RTO restarting registration so electric vehicles, Kolkata Police lost no time in deploying a fleet of Mahindra E2Os they procured in 2016. GO!

Saying Trees with Durgesh Agrahari
The "Tree Man" was in Kolkata (Calcutta ) for a 3 day visit GO!

Deadly Waste

More than 15,000 tons of plastic waste is generated in India everyday, of which 6,000 tonnes remain uncollected and littered, the government today said.

As per a report of a Task Force constituted by erstwhile Planning Commission in 2014, 62 million tons of muncipal solid waste was generated annually in urban areas.


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Being real and useful
Plastic Menace
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of the Animals) set out a protest for Meena, the cow who ate up to 47 kilograms of plastic!

Kolkata 4 June, 2018 - PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of the Animals) set out a protest for Meena, the cow who ate up to 47 kilograms of plastic and weighed 180 kilograms, she underwent intensive surgery in October 2017 to remove 47 kilograms of plastic from her stomach. The protest was also a theme set as “Beat Plastic Pollution” for World Environment Day on the 5th of June. This was also an initiative to spread the message that how harmful plastics are to not only animal health, but also to humans and plants. In India, 15,342 tons of plastic is generated every day, no wonder what harm can it do.

Bags promoted by PETA - plastic alternative?
At 12 noon, PETA members gathered around in front of of the Victoria Memorial, South Gate, near to the SSKM Hospital and Rabindra Sadan and the event lasted till 1 p.m. They brought a dummy of a cow resembling Meena and they displayed it like the cow had been operated and plastic being taken out from its body. They also spread the word to everyone that they should use less or no plastic at all. They explained that how harmful a plastic is which the people fails to realise being careless while using it.

They encouraged everyone that plastic disposal should be proper and should dispose of trash properly by keeping all garbage in tightly sealed, chew-proof containers, people should rinse out tins and put the tops inside so that they won't cut an animal's tongue, crush aluminium cans after use, should fully break plastic six-pack rings post usage and cut open empty cardboard and plastic containers so that animals don’t get stuck inside them.

Shoppers should also choose paper bags or bring reusable bags rather than using plastic ones whenever possible, the PETA volunteers entreated. PETA distributed special cow-friendly canvas tote bags to passers by as an initiative to mind set the people to stop plastic usage as much as possible.

What could not be explained, however, is why PETA chose to make their model cow out of plastic - it appeared to be styrofoam/thermocol model - when there are more indigenous and eco-friendly methods of construction such as paper mache or clay. Or maybe they were not aware?

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