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Carpooling for school children goes digital
New app aggregates private vehicles to get schoolchildren safely home, cutting traffic congestion and pollution in Kolkata GO!

Green Patrol!
With the Kolkata RTO restarting registration so electric vehicles, Kolkata Police lost no time in deploying a fleet of Mahindra E2Os they procured in 2016. GO!

Saying Trees with Durgesh Agrahari
The "Tree Man" was in Kolkata (Calcutta ) for a 3 day visit GO!

A forest, ocean, or other natural environment viewed in terms of ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is called a Carbon sink.

With regard to forests, the term ‘Carbon Sink’ means that a forest stores more carbon dioxide than it releases into the atmosphere, which in turn benefits the environment.

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Gifts of Nature!
A beautiful way of of leaving a prepetual legacy is planting a tree, and a number of organisations are now also coming forward to hold mass plantings with their members, in events that highlight bonding, and teamwork for their staff.

Kolkata 11 August 2018 – The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Metro Maidan, led by Ms. Manisha Goenka collaborated with Green for Life Foundation and planted over 60 gift saplings at the G4L Tree Safe Zone Area, at Rajarhat, Action Area-1, as part of the environmental action of the club.

Ecstatic tree planters!
A total of 60 saplings were planted by the 30 Inner Wheel members, who assembled at 8:30am with their families – including some small children, who thoroughly enjoyed the event. As is the rule here – only local varieties of trees were planted, such as Ashoka, Mahogany and Bakul. This Tree Safe Zone stretches 1.8 kilometers, along the banks of a canal and has been taken up by Green for Life Foundation to create an urban forest – possibly Kolkata’s first. Weekly tree nurturing/ maintenance events are held at the site, inviting volunteers from the general public, too. EarthSmiles.net has been promoting this green action and sends volunteers for this activity. This ensures the trees planted by various groups survive – else without adequate care there is a great chance that many of the tiny saplings will die.
A memorial park is also in the making here, where persons can plant trees in memory of their loved ones.

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