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Solar Power facts!

The world's largest solar power park is located in Kamuthi, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Commissioned by Adani Group, this project is an investment of around INR 45.4 billion. It spreads over 2,500 acres (10 sq km, 3.9 sq miles), consisting of 2.5m solar panels. Kamuthi is estimated to make enough power for 750,000 people!!

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Thomson TG, Earthsmiles.net Writer
Righting the balance
Solar College
In late 2015, a solar power unit was set up at St. Xavier’s College, atop the B.Ed section-cum-library building. Father Xavier Savarimuthu, then in charge of the St. Xavier’s Hostel, was the force behind the venture.

Kolkata - On 23 December 2015, St Xavier’s College, Kolkata, inaugurated a 46 kW capacity Solar Power Plant. The plant is situated on the rooftop of the new B. Ed and Library building, formerly the hostel building. This is the largest Solar Power Plant among all colleges in the eastern part of the country. The Plant was set up relatively quickly - within three months by Vikram Solar Company. Their speedy work was appreciated greatly by the then Father Principal, Fr. Felix Raj, SJ, who said, "This endeavor had been envisaged as a part of deep concern of the Jesuits on Environmental Issues and also as a follow up action of the recently concluded Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP-15)."

Fr Xavier
The Plant was inaugurated by Shri Manish Gupta, Hon'ble Power Minister of West Bengal. Shri Santanu Basu IAS, Chairman & Managing Director, West Bengal Power Development Corporation was also present at the inauguration. It is not often that a college in the city undertakes such a work in sustainable energy – it will profit more than just St Xavier’s. It is a landmark day for Kolkata-based colleges or Universities and should serve as the catalyst for all such educational institutions to turn to renewable sources of energy for their campuses. “The plant was Fr Xavier Savarimuthu’s brainchild”, says Srijan Bagh, Ex-General Secretary and Working committee member of the St Xavier’s College Student Council.
Fr Xavier is currently the Vice-Principal at St Xavier’s College Commerce department (Morning). Previously, he had been the Father in charge of the St Xavier’s Hostel and is thus the local guardian to hundreds of boys and girls. He is also an Environmental studies teacher, teaching multiple Departments with great interest, often encouraging students to write articles on environmental issues for journals and for us to be the “soldiers of the green fight.”

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