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Open Defecation - a risky menace

Open defecation refers to the practice whereby people go out in fields, bushes, forests, open bodies of water, or other open spaces rather than using the toilet to defecate. The practice is rampant in India and the country is home to the world’s largest population of people who defecate in the open and excrete close to 65,000 tonnes of faeces into the environment each day.

Around 595 million people, which is nearly half the population of India, defecate in the open. India accounts for 90 per cent of the people in South Asia and 59 per cent of the 1.1 billion people in the world who practise open defecation.

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Eye on Green Action
Greenathon greens again!
Last year, two nature club students, Roshni Banerjee and Sonakshi Das told us “Greenathon is a pledge for environment. It is an initiative to promote greenery and re-establish the environmental ethics and values in and around our surroundings.” With the quality of participation and awareness levels higher this year, looks like Greenathon indeed makes a big difference!

Kolkata – Over 1000 students from a score of city schools participated in the the fifth edition of Greenathon - Greenathon 2015, at the Assembly of God Church School, Park Street, 28 November, 2015. Before the fun run (Mini-Marathon of approx. 2.8 km) started, the Chief Guest, Dr. P.B. Salim, IAS, District Magistrate (South 24 Pgns.) addressed the gathered students on the menace of open defecation - a practice unfortunately widespread in the country. [See Earthsspeak! alongside]

The run - and awareness march - which began at around 7 a.m., was well represented by all the participating schools and the previous year's record for the fastest time was broken. EarthSmiles.net's Big Blue Bin project was also inagurated by Dr. Salim - AGCS Park Street will henceforth not waste a scrap of paper, but will save everything in the "Big Blue Bins" for recycling by an NGO.

A break for breakfast (eco-friendly with no extra packaging) and a street play by AGCS students filled time before the other events of Greenathon unfolded. Keeping with the theme, “Our dream, Kolkata green” all waste from breakfast and throughout the fest was discarded separately in three different bins, that is: Big Blue Bin the paper waste/scraps, Green Bin containing the food articles or the wet waste, Red Bin containing the plastic or the non-biodegradable products. Even the wet waste will be given to an NGO to create compost.

EarthSmiles.net also had a counter where one could learn more about Planet-friendliness through the website and pledge to do one act for the Planet's good. These pledges were videoed and will be put up on the EarthSmiles.net website later.

Below: Street Play

Then the events began. G-Inspire: PowerPoint presentation based program in which, the studentsof the different schools instilled in our minds about the relevance of the relationship between, ‘Man and Environment’. G-Tunes: a melody of songs presented by the schools to ignite the conscience of working towards a cleaner-greener earth. G-Fusion: a coordinated dance performance by the different schools portraying the relationship between man and environment. G-Collage: a collage making program portraying, ‘how has man ruined the environment’.

Paper:BACK '15 winners, Harrow Hall, were presented a unique paper trophy filled with seeds, which they would be able to plant in their school as well as distribute to their students.

Greenathon 2015 also retained the PlanetPoints Planet-friendly Event Certification for another year, with this green showing. Congratulations!

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