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School kids visit organic garden
Most school children are not aware that they literally consume poison - in their "healthy" veggies. GO!

Things you thought you could recycle - but can't! GO!

Corporate paper trail!
The Earthsmiles team hosted a paper making workshop at the Green for Life Foundation Green Minds Centre... GO!

Trees = Life!

Why the forest is important? Because trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into wood, where the carbon stays bound up for hundreds or even thousands of years, living forests are an important part of the earth's climate system. Growing trees soak up CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, roots, leaves, and forest soils.
Why do we need the trees?
Tress provide us with oxygen that we need to breathe to live. Our body breathes in oxygen and we breathe out carbon-di-oxide. Trees do the opposite;they breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In this way, trees make sure that we have pure oxygen to breathe without which we cannot live.

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Krisha Parmar, Environment enthusiast.
Always looking for ways to be greener!
Greenathon 2016
Greenathon is now in its sixth year, but retains the familiar format of events, along with the G naming!

Kolkata – On the 26 of November, a mini marathon, a Greenathon, got underway in the heart of the city, participants from several city schools ran, starting out at 7 in the morning. This run has been an annual feature for the last 5 years and there is more than just the run - there's a very special fest also held after the event. In keeping with the growing concerns of our environment and the changing climate, The Assembly of God Church School (AGCS) Park Street, Kolkata, organised the 5th Edition of Greenathon - Our Dream Kolkata Green, the annual interschool eco-fest.

As the name implies, unlike the usual school festivals Greenathon is environment-themed. Therefore, each and every event had a particular connect with nature, environment, or ways to revive the environment. All events were named with a ‘G’ in the beginning, where the ‘G’ would stand for-green, for example : G Paint, G Muse.

For one event, Paper:Back, in partnership with Earthsmiles.net, schools must prepare months before the actual Greenathon, collecting small paper pieces which usually do not get recycled (ATM slips, receipts, tickets) and the school collecting the most is given a trophy on Greenathon day. Harrow Hall School emerged the champions for this and received their winner’s trophy for the 3rd time running - but with comparatively less amount of paper compared to their previous year’s victory. The trophy was innovatively made out of waste plastic bottles, and was presented by EarthSmiles.net Outreach Coordinator, Ishani Vasant, to the Harrow Hall representatives.

Earlier in the day, Ms. Vasant also presented a Certificate of Compliance for organising a green event approved by the EarthSmiles.net PlanetPoints programme. Mrs S. Shekhar, Vice-principal of the school accepted the Certificate, noting that this was the third time that AGCS had won it for ensuring their event, Greenathon, had minimum negative impact to the environment and promoted a green culture. Being awarded the certificate meant starting to think green in the early planning stages of Greenathon, make an environmental management plan according to the guidlines on PlanetPoints and finally implementing the green ideas; from responsible packing of food to waste management at the event.

In fact, Mrs. Shekhar announced that they would now be going one step further from the school's BIG BLUE BIN (segregation of paper) effort last year - other bins would be added for food waste and plastic.

In a fun moment, EarthSmiles.net's green team flew a drone on the AGCS campus, with a banner tail proclaiming Go Green!

Some moments from Greenathon '16...

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