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Christmas Wreaths
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M A K E T H I S ! !
By Nikita Grosser
Ever wondered what you could do with all those old CDs
you no longer have use for?
Recycling them would be a good option. Here is a simple way to make something new from your old CDs. With Christmas just around the corner, its time to deck the walls with beautiful wreaths and here are a cool way to decorate your house and help the environment as well!
What you need to create your Wreath!

• CDs • Glue like Fevicol • Christmas florals, scraps from other projects, ribbons etc. • Acrylic paint - red, green (Christmas colors)

Step 1- take the old florals and pull apart and use the parts that hold you’re fancy. These can be used as decoration.
Step 2- glue these onto the CD in a pretty arrangement.
Step 3- use the ribbon to make a small bow and then glue it to the center of your decorations on the CD. You could also glue some small buds onto the bow.
Step 4- now make a loop with a piece of ribbon and attach it to the back of the CD to hang.
When done correctly it looks very pretty. You can also join these to other similarly made CDs and form a large circular wreath. This particular type can even be used on the Christmas tree.