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Raul Aaron David, Writer
Being the change the world needs.
For our furry friends!
Calcutta based organisations, namely CAPE Foundation and People for Animals, have been fighting the good fight for our furry friends in Calcutta. Together they run a hospital and host workshops that teach people to stand against animal cruelty.

Kolkata – CAPE Foundation, a public charitable trust, works to improve prospects for children, animals, plants and the environment, through workshops and projects, similarly People for Animals have been doing great work locally for the animals of Kolkata. Together the organisations run a hospital in Mukundapur,( near Metro Cash n’ Carry,) named Aashari People for Animals Kolkata.

They have also been taking huge strides towards spreading awareness against animal cruelty and better treatment of animals. When asked about adoption from hospitals, Ms. Radhika Bose Makar, founder, CAPE Foundation, said that though both cats and dogs do find owners, many still cannot find a home. Therefore, they also offer a scheme called ‘passive adoption’ - if an animal lover wants to help out a puppy or kitten, but can’t keep one at home due to various reasons, he/she can come forward and pay for the upkeep of the animal(s) in the hospital. The cost for this “passive” adoption of an animal is Rs. 1000-1500 a month. Ms. Bose Makar says that this was the best way for more people to be involved in helping without difficulty. For outright adoptions, they make sure to do background checks on people to ensure the pet finds a good home.

CAPE Foundation also holds workshops called “Pet Therapy workshops” at La Martiniere for Boys and two Montessori schools, Primary Colours and Learning Tree. Ms. Radhika says their goal is to teach proper ethics to the students on how to behave and treat animals from inside their classroom itself. When asked if they deal with the monkeys that run around in Calcutta, she said that they collaborate with the Wildlife Department whenever a monkey sighting is reported.

The organisations had also embarked on the campaign of “Animal-Free Circuses” and another being a Sterilise campaign. She requested animal lovers to take up the responsibility of getting the animals in their area sterilised for the safety of the animals and the people around, and to control the population of the animals. CAPE Foundation also holds awareness programs to teach policemen and lawyers on laws against animal cruelty. She urged people who are willing to volunteer in the Pet Therapy sessions in schools or in the hospital to come forward and spend some time with our four-legged friends while helping out a good cause. Certificates are offed to those who are willing to do a month-long volunteering program. Interested candidates can contact the foundation at capefoundation@gmail.com.

A chance to interact with our furry friends and learn to love them!

The People for Animals group also has volunteers in Calcutta go around to different neighborhoods, feeding stray dogs. You can check out the Facebook pages of both the organisations to know more about their work.

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