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A young Australian leads the world with a solid investment in a green future
Larissa Brown's Eco Power
By Arjun Raj

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Larissa Brown, chooses not to bang on the doors of power from outside, but rather, to step off the street and spread her doctrine from within, giving birth to an organisation called Centre For Sustainability Leadership.

The organization gives out scholarships that they call “Green MBAs” to potential leaders of the future in banking, law, finance, engineering, science or arts etc. Opening its doors in Sydney, the centre is out to find the next “green prime minister”, and guide him or her along the path to power and influence.

Founded in 2004 by Ms. Brown (Australia's Young Environmentalist of the Year in 2008) in her bedroom in Melbourne, the company has grown beyond recognition.

Other achievements apart from founding the ‘Centre For Sustainability Leadership’, Ms. Brown was also co-founder of the award-winning radio program, ‘Hour of Eco Power’. She has worked as a research scientist in the Australian National University where she studied the extinction of
Australia’s megafauna (a number of large animal species, often said to have an estimated body mass of over 30 kilograms), helped save a forest by building an ecotourism lodge in Costa Rica, rehabilitated endangered primates and big cats in Bolivia, and even taught snowboarding in America.

Larissa Brown is clear candidate for the future leader of a green cause, and may very well play a significant role in discovering others.
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