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Know where the most concerned and environmentally concious people are? In our schools! Soon, we'll be giving them a chance to share their stories and inspire us, right here on EarthSmiles.net

We believe that our youth have the power and attitude to make the difference, and we want to give them a forum to share and influence others to do good for our planet.

If your school would like to join in this movement... towards a greener more responsible planet, please drop us a line at green@earthsmiles.net. We'll be in touch to recieve your articles, ideas and passion - and pass them on the everyone!
Let the Earth smile - 'cause then, so do we!

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Archived Stories and Features:


Carpooling for school children goes digital
New app aggregates private vehicles to get schoolchildren safely home,
cutting traffic congestion and pollution in Kolkata..

Race against Waste
Ewaste burden grows in urban areas, city corporations and NGOs are
ill equipped to handle the neccessary recycling of this often
harardous waste. Enter, the professionals.

Green in the slum
Waste Management in local slum communities through awareness camps »

The Park not taken
A forgotton park in central Kolkata is quietly made into a parking lot. »

Seeing clean air ahead
Kolkata based Lifetree has recently embarked on a innovative
new journey to get the public involved in the air betterment process.

The World walks together!
The Paris agreement, formally known as the Conference of Parties (CoP)
protocol on combating climate change. All you need to know.

Recycling Monster!
The Recycling Monster is Calcutta is a petite and soft-spoken young woman. »

Biological eradication of Arsenic
A group of scientist from the highly reputed Indian Institute of
Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) have discovered a strain of
arsenic reducing bacteria....

Walking the talk!
Green Legion organised a march to raise awareness amongst the people
of Kolkata and educate them on the right ways to deal with their waste.

Green Warriors!
A group of women based in Kolkata have a cleaner and greener vision for it. »

For our furry friends!
Calcutta based organisations, namely CAPE Foundation and
People for Animals, have been fighting the good fight for our furry friends in Calcutta.

Greenathon 2016
Greenathon is now in its sixth year, but retains the familiar format of events,
along with the G naming!.

Exposé: Extreme cruelty to horses in Indian drug production
PETA International Science Consortium Funds Research at German University to
Lead Effort to Develop Non-Animal Antitoxin...

Green affair
Green for Life Foundation's Van Mahotsav '16 was an exhibition
cum sale of eco friendly items by various NGOs and a program in
which NGOs and schools participated respectively, for the primary objective – planting trees..

Corporate paper trail!
The Earthsmiles team hosted a paper making workshop at the Green for Life Foundation Green Minds Centre, Kolkata, for a few employees of DB Schenker India. »

Juniors for Mother Earth
The Assembly of God Junior Section held a function to belatedly celebrate WED 2016! »

Big Miracle, indeed!
The American Centers film shows are eargly looked forward to and
this time the movie was environmental - as the occasion was WED 2016!

School kids visit organic garden
Most school children are not aware that they literally consume poison
- in their "healthy" veggies.

Going wild on WED '16
Under Urja Chetana programme, students from Jadavpur N K Pal Adarsha Sikshayatan, Kolkata celebrated World Environment Day (WED) with Tiljala Shed children. »

Saving Aarey!
Aarey Milk Colony is a story of citizens fighting back, and doing something to keep their city's lungs breathing. »

Green Revival continues!
Earthsmiles.net visited The Assembly of God Church School,
Park Street to host the second “Revive” of the year...

Waste to wonder!
As part of the Return2Life program, Earthsmiles.NET visited Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Park Circus, Kolkata, for a paper recycling demonstration and workshop and for the setting up of a paper making units... »

Waste not your waste!
The Environment Ministry has proposed the introduction of spot fines for those who litter the streets and have even come up with the proposal of segregation of waste at the roots... »

Too warm, Kolkata!
In May 2009, EarthSmiles.net reported a heat wave when Kolkata’s temperatures rose "as high as 41.8 °C." It was the highest in 59 years. This April, temperatures have already crossed that! »

Eco-light shines in Kolkata's slums
Along with her brother, teenager Roshni Sen has embarked on a campaign to light up the dark and dingy slums and villages in and around the city, in a unique and sustainable way. »

The National Conference on Climate Change 2016!
NCCCKol16 was two days where delegates from all over India explored, learned and exchanged ideas towards practical and achievable alternative energy frameworks. »

Art of Living !
Chandan Shafikul Kabir is a Freelance artist Living and working in Milan, Italy. He turns natural fibre into a variety of artistic and green creations. »

Revive, again!
This time round Revive, an exhibition cum sale of recycles/upcycled stuff,
has concentrated on the NGOs and commercial recycling.

SAFE paper!
A team of four Greenagers from the Assembly of God Church,
visited a paper recycle unit under South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE)

Bish Mukto Haat!
Food production and farming today is dominated by the use of harmful chemical
pesticides and fertilisers. Bish Mukto Haat is making available "Bish Mukto"
or Poison-free food produce to the citizens of Kolkata (Calcutta.)

Greenathon greens again!
With the quality of participation and awareness levels higher this year,
looks like Greenathon indeed makes a big difference! .


The Perfect Storm
Aila's beauty and her train of destruction. »

City on the boil
Kolkata's (Calcutta) experienced heat wave conditions this summer. »

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