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wants to let our leaders and authorities know what they could be doing to brings a smile to the planet - and us.
What affects the Earth, affects us. Pollution, Global Warming, wasted resources... these things are under control - if we act decisively, and act now!

On this page, we'll be running email and online campaigns for the environment, especially local campaigns, in our city of Kolkata, India. We'll also be bringing you info on environmental campaigns across the globe that you can participate in.
Support a future that's green - against no future at all. I mean, how difficult is that?

Your friend,

The Fight Now!
Choose you campaign - fight for our planet, and us!
Campaign against BT Brinjal
The dangers of genetically modified vegetables in a product that is not even a complete solution to pest problems. Make people aware of what they may be consuming post Februrary 2010. Spearheaded by IndiaGMinfo.org [CLICK HERE]
Additional resources: 10 REASONS FOR YOU TO SAY “NO” TO BT BRINJAL! (.PDF)
eCycle - Cartridge recycling programme
Be environmentally responsible and give your spent inkjet and laser printer cartridges for recycling. Not only does this prevent a toxic cartrdige travelling through the domenstic waste system to a landfill, but also saves foreign exchange (100% of OEM cartridges are imported) and supports a green recycling industry. EarthSmiles.net will collect the cartridges from your doorstep for free, and your effort will count for PlanetPointsSM, if you are a participating organisation. [Mail green@EarthSmiles.net, and you will get a call back]
Campaign against Nestle's depletion of Indonesian Rainforests
Nestlé, maker of Kit Kat, is using palm oil from companies that are destroying Indonesian rainforests, threatening the livelihoods of local people and pushing orangutans towards extinction. We all deserve to have a break - but, we're asking Nestlé to give rainforests and orangutans a break and stop buying palm oil from destroyed forests. [CLICK HERE]
CFL Campaign
Online campaign by EarthSmiles.net to promote voluntary use of Compact Flourecent Lamps and save energy. Save on your electricity bill, too, and and your effort will count for PlanetPointsSM, if you are a participating organisation. [CLICK HERE]
Stop the Slaughter 2012
Protest the inhuman slaughter of dolphins at Taiji, Japan. A yearly ritual, in the name of "tradition" costs the lives of thousands of these mammals. Download the protest letter get it endorsed by your college/school authorities, get signatures of students and send it straight to the Japanese Counsel! You can also route the letter to us, and we'll forward it with the others from Green Roots schools. For the letter in pdf format, CLICK HERE.

For more on the Dolphin Slaughter at Taiji, CLICK HERE »