What you need to recycle paper!

½ kg Waste paper (preferably of the same kind – old printouts, writing paper.)

Large (24x 18 x4” – for making aprox. A4 paper) tray

Aprox. 5 litres of water

An old food processor/mixer

Deckle and  Mould (silk screen frames will do nicely, one should be without the silk screen attached and is called the Mould. The one with screen attached is the Deckle or sieve)

Large Sponges

Heater / Blower (optional)

Clean cloth / Duster

Table with table cloth

Recycled Paper!
Convert your paper waste into new paper!
Instructors: D Kongham & J Jose
Difficulty level : Medium
Ages : 12+

1) Shred the paper into tiny pieces

2) Let the shredded paper soak in water for about 5 minutes.

3) Put the wet paper into the food processor and add some more water.

4) Run the processor until you get paper pulp. Repeat if necessary, to make it fine, if you want thinner paper.

5) Pour the paper pulp into a tray of water maintaining a pulp-water ratio of 1:8 (one mug of pulp: eight mugs of water).

6) Mix the pulp well into water so that it is uniformly spread and no lumps are formed.

7) Immerse the deckle and the mould into the tray. Keeping the mould on the top.

8) Let the water seep into the deckle, while making sure that the pulp uniformly spreads on it.

9) Now slowly lift the deckle up and let the excess water drain from the sides.

10) Place the deckle on a table and remove the mould.

11) Now with a quick movement, invert the deckle, such that the pulp side is on the table

12) Time to wipe off the excess water with a sponge. You can do this by running the sponge from top to bottom or sideways on the silkscreen.

13) Once the excess water is wiped out, turn around the deckle and let it air dry.

14) Or you can use a blower or a heater for quicker drying - not very eco-friendly though, considering the electricity used by the heater!

• Finally, gently peel the paper off the silk screen, and tada!!! Your paper is made!

• You can experiment making different types of paper by adding colours, perfumes, altering the thickness of the pulp etc.
A sheet of finished - recycled- paper!!
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