What you need to create your Egghead!

• Egg shells and the egg crate

• Acrylic paints and paint brush

• Glue • Cotton wool

• Mustard seeds or sprouted gram

Egg heads!!
Eco-friendly garden in an egg!

• Carefully make a hole on the top of the each egg and remove the yoke and whites.

• Wash the egg shells in hot soapy water and dry them with a soft cloth.

• Cut a strip off the cardboard egg crate.

• Use acrylic paints to make various designs on the egg shell and the egg box. Allow them to dry.

• Place a damp wad of cotton wool inside the shell and add a few mustard seeds or sprouted gram on top. It will take a few days for a little plant to grow!

Instructor: Daphne D'Gama
Difficulty level : Easy
Ages : All