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Volunteering and probono

If you’re aged 15 to 39, are passionate about the environment and doing something about it, please let us know, we’d love to have you at EarthSmiles.net! At the moment we are looking for volunteers who can:

1. Help promote environmental awareness in schools and colleges. This involves meeting school authorities, sending them promotional materials, doing presentations and events at schools or with them and finding new ways to get the message out to campuses. For this role we need people who are confident with communicating and creative and motivated in acting.

Help develop schools resources. We need volunteers to help develop great new resources for teachers and students on environmental issues - video clips, lesson plans, booklets, stickers - you name it! If you have an educational background or are creative this would be a good role for you.

3. Help coordinate schools section on our website and promote it in the schools in your area.

4. Help with admin tasks at the Kolkata office.

More positions are posted from time to time on the Current Volunteer Opportunities section. If you are interested in one of these roles, then fill out this
Volunteer Information Form.

We also have paid positions for our creative department from time to time:

. All Rounders. If you are posses a pleasant, outgoing and creative personality, skilled in computers, with a little exposure to design applications, traditional and computer-based, and the Internet, we could use you! In addition, videography, scripting and editing would be assets. Of course, you'd move around quite a bit, with school events and roadshows being somewhere on a long list of activities.

6. Writers. Good communication skills both written and spoken, and an independent personality. Would need to be frequently out of office for covering events or interviewing people, etc.

You would have to be situated in Kolkata for all the positions, except
1) & 2), where you can also work with us through the Internet – and widen our network of smiles!

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.How to Apply

For volunteer positions, use the Volunteer Information Form. For other positions, contact the Coordinator on +91 919830156967 or email us at green@earthsmiles.net. We'll invite you to our office for a chat, if we like your CV.

To help us out in any other manner, and be a part or EarthSmiles.net, please contact the Coordinator. Thanks in advance!
We thank all applicants for loving the environment enough to consider working at EarthSmiles.net. Your volunteer application will be kept on file and matched to future positions as they arise. Keep checking the Current Volunteer Opportunities to apply for specific positions that interest you! Even those who are considering a paid position at EarthSmiles are encourage to try volunteering first!
Current Volunteer Opportunities
* Social Network Development Asst.
* Schools promotion volunteer

To apply, please complete the
Volunteer Information Form. Our Coordinator will contact you shortly, if we like your CV!

Even if you don't see a role that suits your unique interests or skills at this time but would like to offer your time and energy as a volunteer in the future, please complete the online application and we'll add your name to our volunteer list.