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Fact Sheet
Have You Gotten Recharged Lately
Describes the benefits of recycling your used computer printer ink/toner cartridges. Includes testimonials by California agencies, including California Integrated Waste Management Board, on their experience using recharged printer ink/toner.

Download and read it here.

Internationally reputed cartridge recyclers, CartridgeWorld has centres in India, too. Having prevented thousands of used cartridges from polluting the environment , quality, and a warranty on all its refills is its hallmark.
Visit CW's India site.
Dear Friends of Planet Earth!
You're printing away all those lovely colourful school projects on your new printer, and then - the ink runs out! So what? You need a new one, of course! But what happens to the old one? Think of it... like you thousands of people, in homes, schools and businesses around the world discard millions of cartridges which go into landfills, and pollute the earth threaten to become a serious environmmental hazard. Technology is cool, but a million non-biodegradable pieces of plastic in various shapes and sizes is making a pile so large that - well - soon there may special landfills for them!

Here's where the RECYCLED CARTRIDGE comes in! Did you know, that your inkjet and laser toner cartridges can be reliably refilled/remanufactured several times to give you as many prints as the original. Besides this, recycling a cartridge cuts down significantly on pollution, helps to conserve natural resources - and creates environmentally friendly jobs, too! Besides, its saves you a lot of money, as a recycled cartridge, even from a reputed remanufacturer, will typically cost you half that of a OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) one. So, isnt it a socially responsible thing to do? Not only will the Earth be saved from more environmental damage, but you will also be supporting companies that contribute to the Earth's protection and health!

EarthSmiles.net is starting a cartridge retrivial programme in the schools we interact with. We'll give these cartriges to companies who remanufacture them, for recycling. So your spent cartridges are not dead! They just need a recharge... rather like your mobile!

If your school is not a part of the programme, but you would like to be, then write to us at green@earthsmiles.net, and we'll show you the way. Else see if you can identify other cartridge donor groups in your are, and contribute your cartridges to then. And yes - buy recycled - its good for the environment, and despite what some printer manufacturers may tell you - its not bad for your printer! (Of course using products from reputable recycled cartridge manufacturers is a good idea, so you can be assured of high quality)

Your friend,

School eCycle!
Have an HP product? The company has gone environmentally friendly and is recycling its end-of-life and out of service printers, scanners, computers and other products. All you have to do is get your old equipment to the designated HP Recycling centres, and HP will see that they are disposed off in an eco-friendly way! Cheers!
See the list of HP recycling centres in India here.
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