G-Fest! EarthSmilers loved some things about Greenpeace Kolkata's Rise of the Rainbow school fest!
Climate Change: Is global warming a 20th century myth? Here's one young person who definitely doesn't seem to think so...
Holy Unclean: Is being the most sacred river of India the reason for the Ganga's pollution?
Store Wars. This video was produced by Free Range Studios for The Organic Trade Association, 2005. Meet the green avatars of the Star Wars gang including "Cuke" Skywalker and "Chewbroccoli".
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EarthSmiles.net loves HOME, the awesome, award winning feature film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. You can read the review HERE.
Portable Power. When it's feeding today's power hungry devices, buying rechargeable batteries is a better option.
Unnamed song Well, it had a name, actually - the group, however didn't. College duo Danny and Ishwar perform for GreenSpeak!
Healthy World and Us: Jacob Hiller, American environmental author and fitness guru speaks to GreenSpeak!
Environment threat at Falta, West Bengal... EarthSmiles.net has a look... but ultimately the trees couldn't be saved...
G-Fit! Allen Garden is an island of green in central Calcutta, on Park Street. Here's where your lungs rewind!
G-Peace! Greenpeace held a silent, candlelight march followed by a short vigil at the Park Street/Camac Street intersection...
Park-ing! Abhishek takes you to McPerhson Square (Maharana Pratap Udyan) in Parks of Calcutta - II.
Whispers of change! Abhishek speake to the Presidents of Whisper Inc.
Jungle in there! Kolkata Zoo has few happy animals...
Cricket! Steve Waugh cleans up a Kolkata canal.
Park-ing II! Abhishek takes you to Nature Study Park...
Token Change! Metro Rail introduces reusable tokens.
Pure Seeds! Seed diversity is alive and well in India.
No Honks! Fighting noise pollution in Kolkata.
More Parking! Abhishek takes a walk in Minto Park.
G-Mean (it)! Fox Studios gets a number of the "Glee" cast giving you a green message.
Smell of the Earth! Abhishek interviews Aparajita Sengupta, member of SotE, a collective which produces and self consumes organic vegetables...
Paper not waste! Abhishek interviews Reema, member of a local (Kolkata/ Calcutta) NGO, Raahi.
Shaun smells green! Abhishek Boral interviews Kolkata's best known chef Shaun Kenworthy, on Organic Food.
The River Is Flowing! A beautiful Native American song on sustainability and the Circle of Life.
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PAPER:Back! The recyclathon for collecting "small paper bits" is on... How many trees will your schools save?
Green journey! Abhishek Boral with former Union Railways Minister, Dinesh Trevedi
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