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About Us...

What is EarthSmiles.net?
Earthsmiles.net is a network of young people which seeks to create a concern for the environment, promote sustainable living, and an awareness of the need for environmental protection of our planet. We are Environmental Action Research Training and Holistic Media Network (EARTH-MN) of young people and want to work with other youth in transforming the culture of destroying the Earth, to one where action for the environment is as natural as life itself. The health of our environment is a reflection of the choices we make. We want the Earth to smile – because when she does, we do too!

How are we going about this?
1. EarthSmiles.net’s young team visits schools and gives presentations to students and teachers on the challenges and solutions of environmental issues including climate change. We inform people of the difference they can make, with the right choices. And we try to make this as easy and natural as possible. Student representatives for schools under the programme are invited to training workshops and activity, which includes coordinating recycling activity, organising events and writing for the EarthSmiles.net website.

2. At colleges and other events, such as children’s summer camps, school festivals, etc; EarthSmiles.net organises speakers, initiates forums, demonstrations, exhibitions and other activities to promote environmental harmony. We also promote activities that bring people closer to nature, and reinforce the need for its protection such as nature walks, rock climbing and environmental tourism.

3. Our website keeps the average person informed about the good and bad happening in the fight to save our planet’s environment - through news, de-mystifying the science of climate change, discussing the effects of pollution, the likely impacts, solutions and ways individuals and communities can reduce their carbon footprint, through responsible consumption, conservation and green alternatives.

4. We participate in and publicise environmental orientated events held around Kolkata, (Calcutta) India, for instance the Chakra Satyagraha in Kolkata (Calcutta), and the Organic Haats run by Shyamoli/EarthCare.

5. We publish a forthnightly newscapsule, which goes out by email, packed with global environmental news, issues and events, as well as at specific reporting. Visitors to the website can subscribe to this e-newscapsule, EarthUpdated! with a request at our website.

6. Environmental news is nowadays frequently in the news, but it may not always be so. By keeping the youth at the forefront of its efforts, and empowering them as key movers in working for the environment, EarthSmiles.net attempts to keep environmental issues at the top of the local, national and global agenda.

How are we relevant?
1. We are locally based and focus our programs on the Kolkata (Calcutta) community where we believe we can make the difference with personal outreach, and with the strength of the students and youth behind us.

2. Given the staggering damage to the environment, it is easy for people to be awed by the immensity of the problem. EarthSmiles.net gives ordinary people the information and tools to curb their personal emissions, through awareness and action. Others become agents, through one of our programs, to spread the message and provide support and advice to other people regarding the challenges posed.

3. It is difficult to find non-technical, information on environmental matters in a single place. EarthSmiles.net brings that information to individuals, without them needing to research the information themselves. Problems, solutions, alternatives in layman’s terms; we provide examples to inspire from one’s own community.

4. We are focused on information and the solutions to Environmental issues, rather than the problem. We desire to create habits which will lead to a greener future, and create alternatives - rather than sloganeer and agitate on existing problems.

5. We believe in enabling people to be able to do something about climate change, because it is personal efforts which bear the most sustainable results.

6. We are inclusive, non-political and friendly – we love your involvement and respect your suggestions and assistance! In that way, we embrace all other like-minded individuals and organisations - YOU are the EarthSmiles.net NETWORK!

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